Top Ten Dog Breeds That Are Specifically Meant For Companionship With Children!

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Top Ten Dog Breeds That Are Specifically Meant For Companionship With Children!

puppy beagle

Children and adults, all like to play with dogs and or own a pet, why? Well because they are good with children and teaches them about companionship, they also keep adults company whenever needed. However, not all dog breeds are ideal for households with children.

Though all of this is true children still don’t provide pets the respect needed they ten to get abusive without knowing what they are doing. Younger children often cannot control their desire to play, in which can lead to them hurting the dog, and they don’t realize what they’re doing. Dogs can sometimes get aggressive back and use they’re teeth to hurt the children while trying to defend themselves or communicate their discomfort. Dogs can also accidentally hurt children when trying to just have fun.

There are many dogs you can find that will be self-centered and many that wont.
So I’m going to give you my opinion on all the dogs that can be really good for kids and that are the best choice when looking for the perfect pet.

  1. Maltese

maltese puppy

The Maltese is a tiny breed, very small. But in this case that is a great thing. They are excellent with children, and do not cause any indoor damage. They are very playful and have a habit of being loving. They will provide your family and your kids excellent entertainment, in which case they are also great companions.

The Maltese is definitely a harmless breed the couldn’t hurt a fly, but it’s not a problem if you just want to keep them indoors. They will always provide your kids and adults with a great friend, they are also non shedders.They rarely need bathing and are great for self exercise, they are VERY playful dogs.

  1. Papillon

These dogs are light and great for children because of that reason. I’d say in America they are probably one of the most smaller popular dogs there is. U will probably see movie stars with them. But they are great because they have a high tolerance for children and are very affectionate. This breed definitely keeps the sun pointing down on it.
They are easy to take care of and shed a lot, that’s about the only bad thing about them is they’re shedding.

  1. Miniature Dachshund

miniture dachshunds

Code name wiener dog and or hotdog dog, they are given these nicknames because of they’re on shape. It has a very long and smooth back and short legs with ears that are always flopping down. Though it may look funny this breed was actually used for hunting moles for a very long time. They rarely use them for that now though.

That is actually the truth of their breed.

They are stubborn dogs but I’ve actually had experience with these dogs and they are very cute they gallop around like nothing going on and are kinda clueless but growing up with one I think it changed my life if it weren’t for that dog I wouldn’t be the animal expert I am today. Anyways they rarely shed and the only problem you might face is that they have sensitive backs, so you have to be careful about how your kids pick the dog up.

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  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This dog is definitely kid friendly, well-mannered and just a normal dog. They’re patient, quiet, gentle and are not aggressive.It is very small and excellent with kids and excellent with the older kids because they are quiet and don’t mind staying out of the way. Though that’s not a great idea it would be better to be affectionate toward them so they don;t turn out self centered.They don’t mind getting tugged and poked by kids. They don’t bite, and the most that they do is snarl a warning if your kid is getting too rough. They love to play and be around children.

Cavaliers are generally easy to take care of, although they do shed. You’ll need to groom them once or twice a week. They should be walked everyday, but playing with them also works as exercise.

  1. Beagle

beagle pup

Beagles are small to medium-sized dogs, and are very tolerant with children. They were bred for hunting and fishing, so they are very active dogs. If you have active kids and space for wrestling and romping around, then the Beagle is an excellent choice for you.

Beagles are very playful and friendly towards children and animals. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or in the country, because they can adapt to either environment.

Beagle puppies should be trained early so their tendency to bark and howl can be controlled. Beagles also like digging in the yard, as well as following scents. Beagles require a lot of exercise everyday, but make sure that your Beagle is always on a leash when you walk him. Beagles need only to be groomed once a week.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkies are very small playful affectionate and don’t rest until they get the love they want from you they’re number one friend. They are definitely gentle and love to cuddle. They are friendly with everyone,and don’t mind being ruffed around.

Yorkies are good dogs to grow up with, and remain easy to take care of throughout their lives. They do tend to get they’re hair in knots so it would be best to brush them at least three times a weak. They shed moderately and need to be groomed once a weak. Yorkies may be a little hard to housebreak at first, but a little effort should do the trick. You’ll get your dog to do his business where you want in no time.
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  1. Miniature Schnauzer

close up Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers are small versions of the large schnauzers, and are related to terriers. Miniature schnauzers are reliable and affectionate dogs, and tend to be very loving towards their owners. They are excellent family pets, especially for families with children.

These dogs are stubborn that much is true they also rarely seem to be skiddish they tend to not like everybody. But this is rare and doesn’t often happen. Altogether great dogs, very great companions and will stick to your side like glue.

These dogs grow regular hair, not fur and because of this it is 100% true that they do not shed!

  1. Boxers

adult boxer

Boxers are large working dogs and are known for being playful and active. They are ready to pounce and play with you at the drop of a hat, and are very affectionate. Boxers are great guardians and will be your most loyal best friend. They are gentle towards children, and tend to be ideal playmates for larger kids.

Boxers may look athletic and serious, but they are very goofy and love to have fun. They are also easy to take care of because of their short fur, though they’ll enjoy it if you groom them everyday. Boxers can entertain themselves by running around your backyard, and wrestling with your kids.

  1. Border Collie

close up border collie

Lassie!!! The famous border collie. Border collies are very great dogs they are top of the smartest dogs in the world list right now, one of the top dogs too own. Trust me I know I’ve been around border collies my whole life. I had my 3 border collies doing unbelievable stunts and tricks.

Collies are beautiful dogs and are great with kids. They are smart and easy to train, and they are good pets for the family. They will protect you and your kids at top notch level while being the smartest dogs and the most loyal. They will go all out too protect they’re closest comrade, once again trust me I know.

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Collies definitely do shed, a lot, but its worth it. They will work they’re hardest to make sure you are happy, so they’ll need a lot of exercise. Walks and runs are fine, but it will be easier for you and more stimulating for your Collie of you teach them to fetch. I recommend living in country places with these dogs, that is where they are happiest and also they need a lot of space. So find a big field for them to run on.

  1. Golden and Labrador Retrievers

puppy golden retriever

Retrievers are sporting dogs that are considered the most popular family dogs in America. They are extremely good-natured and fun-loving, and tend to be gentle and loyal dogs. They are extremely patient and can tolerant any child’s poking, prodding, tugging, and roughhousing.

Retrievers are affectionate dogs and love to be around people. They are very active and can keep up with a lot of playful children at a time. They love running around and swimming, which means that you’ll need a large space for them.

Retrievers are said to be puppies forever because of their nature. They need a lot of exercise. You’ll need to brush a Golden retriever everyday to keep their fur from shedding, but Labradors can do with once-a-week grooming.

Retrievers need a lot of space, but they can adapt to city life as long as you play with them a good bit.

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