Dog Training

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63 informative chapters (see below) by dog training experts, on the basics of dog training and on solving dog problems.Dog Training Ebook CoverEbook chapters:-


Dog Training Basics :-
– Basic Training
– Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated
– Starting Your Dog Training From An Early Age
– Meeting New People
– Personal Investigation
– Play Constructively
– Give Immediate Rewards
– Early Habits Can Last A Life-Time
– Give Active Stimulation
– Understanding Fear
– Gatherings
– Social Deprivation
– The Puppy’s Early Experiences
– Who Is The Boss?
– Positive Motivation
– What Is Clicker Training?
– Positive And Negative Motivations For Your Dog
– How Dog Training Works.
– Rewards For Dogs
– Punishments
– Avoiding Punishment
– Training At Meal Times
– The Command Voice
– Invisible Commands
– House training
– House Training Basic Concepts :-
– Setting Up The Training Area
– Setting Up The Toilet Area
– Continuing The House Training Process.
– Speeding Up The Process.
– House Training: The Paper Training Method :-
– House Training Tips From Animal Behaviorists :-
– Crate Training
– Types Of Dog Collars :-
– Using Dog Training Collars
– Dog Training With A Head Collar
– The Disadvantages Of Head Collars
– Training A Dog To Walk On The Leash
– Problems Of Letting A Dog Off The Leash Too Soon.
– Basic Commands
– The Sit Command
– Come When Called.

Solving Dog Problems
– Causes Of Aggression
– Ways To Handle A Dog’s Aggressive Behavior.
– Solving The Problem Of Dogs Becoming Aggressive To Other Dogs Who Come Near.
– Barking
– Why Do Dogs Bark?
– Causes of Problem Barking
– Solutions to Excess Barking
– Training A Dog Not To Bark
– Jumping Up On People
– Pulling And Tugging At The Leash
– Biting
– Dogs and Children
– Separation Anxiety
– Chewing
– Licking
– Whining
– Chasing Things
– Distractions
– Digging
– Possessiveness With Food

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