100 Top Dog Names

100 Top Dog Names

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      Top 100 Dog Names for Male and Female Dogs

The top 100 dog names list is a good starting place for the puppy naming adventure. Which means you don’t think these popular names were pulled from thin air, the Veterinary Pet insurance Company of Brea, California, releases information every year in the insurance database.

We put lots of thought into naming our new puppies – and we should do this. These furry friends are going to share our lives for ten to twenty years and we will be using them a lot in many years – we call our puppies many times a day.

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Can you rather not stick to the crowd, or the “pack” in this case? Do you want to explore hunting funny dog names, dog names by breed or another category?

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Most pet name popularity lists come from data compiled by the Veterinary Insurance for your pet Co. (VPI) of Brea, California. The largest and oldest pet insurance company in the united states.

In 2017, VPI had a lot more than 550,000 cat and puppy names in the insurance database, allowing the company, to discover which names, were the most popular.
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Can’t look for a name you prefer? With thousands more to think about, keep hunting for them.

Visit our comprehensive list to explore famous unique dog names and much more.

Top 100 unique male dog names are among the many, you will love, and use them for your puppy. Woof! Woof!


Here is the list:

1. Max
2. Buddy
3. Molly
4. Maggie
5. Jake
6. Daisy
7. Lucy
8. Rocky
9. Bailey
10. Sadie
11. Ginger
12. Chloe
13. Bailey
14. Sophie
15. Buster
16. Zoe
17. Cody
18. Charlie
19. Bear
20. Jack
21. Princess
22. Bella
23. Angel
24. Toby
25. Lady
26. Sasha
27. Duke
28. Lucky
29. Abby
30. Sam
31. Roxy
32. Missy
33. Harley
34. Brandy
35. Coco
36. Shadow
37. Annie
38. Katie
39. Rusty
40. Samantha
41. Casey
42. Murphy
43. Gracie
44. Sammy
45. Bruno
46. Boomer
47. Maximus
48. Luke
49. Mickey
50. Romeo
51. Henry
52. Cosmo
53. Leo
54. Rex
55. Spike
56. Diesel
57. Chester
58. Otis
59. Tyson
60. Coco
61. Jasper
62. Pepper
63. Spencer
64. Scooter
65. Simba
66. Duncan
67. Simon
68. Peanut
69. Brutus
70. Prince
71. Chance
72. George
73. Sampson
74. Bubba
75. Marley
76. Scout
77. Maxwell
78. Rufus
79. Elvis
80. Barney
81. Taz
82. Smokey
83. Chico
84. Bo
85. Kobe
86. Bosco
87. Ben
88. Blue
89. Brady
90. Oreo
91. Chase
92. Guinness
93. Snoopy
94. Champ
95. Dexter
96. Roscoe
97. Sebastian
98. Harry
99. Moose


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Need more ideas about top 100 dog names?

When I was a child many years ago , now, our first dog was a cross kelpie. He had 4 tan paws on a black dog. We named him Sox. This name does not appear on any dog name list I can find, but it suited him well. He survived 20 years, gave all of us at different times a lot of pleasure.

You always seem to remember your first dog. Again, this is another reason the name you choose is very important.

Author: Judi Jaques, website owner

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